"How do I describe this little boutique that I spend all my hard earned money at? Hmm... well it's like a little slice of heaven in the heart of West Omaha. Its like the girlie clothing store version of Hobby Lobby. Every corner your turn will leave you discovering something beautiful you just gotta have you didn't even know you needed in your life. It's Dave Ramsey's worst nightmare. Susan, your gonna need a 2nd job if you're gonna go in this cute little boutique. Just teasing, the prices are just right! Oh, and if you find a sale item, oh Milanta, they are generous with the discounts. You have just been blessed by the Lord Himself, some of my best pieces that get a ton of compliments are from this boutique that I scored under $20! Can I get an Amen? The staff will leave you feeling like you have a new Girl Squad, completely loved, and so encouraged to get your frequent shopper card all stamped up for that $10 off discount (almost there!). In conclusion, if you haven't checked out this place out yet grab your keys, yo babies (they have a playroom 🙌), and go get Psalm gorgeous pieces."



"I love their selection! Such a cute and comfy boutique! Willing to splurge here on what they have. This store is run by a great team who goes out of their way to make a customer happy. One example of this is when I wanted an item I saw in store (and regretted not buying) and It was not online, I mentioned I was looking for it but couldn’t find it online the team rushed to help me and I was able to purchase!"



"Oh my gosh!! First, let me just be honest, I walked into this ADORABLE store thinking that it was a different place (rookie to shopping out at Legacy ), but because it was such CUTE store, I decided to stay and look around!! 😍I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! I do call myself a bargain shopper, so I will admit, this was slightly more than I like to spend, BUT given the quality of the clothes and jewelry, I think it is pretty fair! I met the daughter and the owner (mother), very sweet and helpful, and friendly!!! Visiting this shop was such a pleasant surprise!!"